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Do you feel like you are living in two worlds? Sometimes the thoughts in your mind can be so debilitating but we are all destined to soar to our highest selves.
Please do not suffer in silence. You are worth more than you know and have so much to offer the world than you think.

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I remember as a 10-year-old girl visiting Samoa for the first time and waking up in the middle of the night, needing to go to the bathroom. My whole family was sleeping together in one room on a thin mattress on top of woven mats. I felt an unusual presence that then alerted my grandmother’s dogs who started barking ferociously and running around the house as if they were chasing something.
I began to cry because I was scared and I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. However, in Samoa during that time, the toilet was usually a tiny corrugated shack outside, that enclosed a hole in the ground and it was a little distance from the house.
My whimpering combined with the consistent barking of the dogs must have awoken my father, and I was relieved when his reassuring voice in the darkness asked me if I was okay. To be honest, I was surprised that nobody else in the family had been woken by the commotion of the animals. My father assured me that everything was all right – explaining that the dogs were probably chasing spirits away as they would be visiting, curious to see us all, because it was our first time coming back to Samoa as a family. That was my earliest memorable experience of feeling the presence of the unseen.
Since that time, I have had other experiences – feeling the presence of what is not physical. As an artist I encounter it distinctively within creative activities.

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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients and students achieve their goals. I recently coached two students to TOP IN THE WORLD results in Cambridge Design and Technology. I am available for taking on new personalised coaching work. LET ME COACH YOU. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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Are you tired with the way your life is going and want to create change? Do you want to reconnect with the real you? Are you seeking motivation? Do you want to re build your self esteem? Now is the time. DO IT NOW before later becomes never! See my contact information below and get in touch.

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I love what I do because there is nothing better than seeing people grow and find success in themselves. I started off as a Graphic Designer and decided I wanted to be more involved with people so became a teacher but the journey has not ended there.

I have recently completed Creative Research relating to the Lived Experience of Depression from a Young Oceanic persons perspective, coached a couple of students to gain Top In the World results in Cambridge Design and Technology in their respective levels and currently undertaking Creative Research about The Presence of the Unseen made manifest when young people are engaged in Collaborative Creative Works.

I am passionate about people and love hearing their hopes and dreams for their lives and for their families, knowing that they can definitely become realities for them.


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